Route 66 #1

Route 66 #1
Route 66 Museum

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Tis' the Season!!

Here we are, it's late May and Summer  or more importantly Summer vacation are now on the table. If your anything like me you are scratching your head in amazement that the school year is over, with diverging thoughts of both how quickly it passed and how you actually managed to get your kid through another year. These thoughts are met with both elation and anxiety. 

With that said and done though it's now an issue of keeping the kids occupied for 2+ months, without driving your spouse and yourself to the point of insanity. Enter the road trip, a week of more away from the house on the road seeing, well anything you can. 

Now, I should be telling you to hit Route 66, but I'm going to go a bit beyond that this afternoon when I say "just take a roadtrip". The fact of the matter is Route 66 is a great road trip, but what really matters when you get down to it is that time spent on the road with your family. If properly done its time spent together Unplugged, seeing new things. It's about bonding and making memories that happen outside of everyday life, away from the distractions, worries, and obligations of home. 

If you decide to take your family roadtrip down Route 66 don't worry I will be here with plenty of ideas for you including and upcoming planning article. But whatever you decide to do this summer get out there on the road as a family. 

Here are a few great suggestions for a road trip.

-Devils Tower, WY
Americas first National Park, and background for the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I reality though it's a cool place with a lot of other cool sites nearby.

-Mount Rushmore, SD
Enough said

-Niagara Falls, NY/OT
Breath taking and a lot of fun

-The Lincoln Highway
Route 66 older sibling traveled from New York City, to San Francisco covering a total of 13 states, meaning there is a section of it near you. 

The United States must have a million cool places to go and see along the road, so it won't take you long to find a cool suggestion that fits you and your family. Whatever you do, and wherever you go, just get out there and have fun. 

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