Route 66 #1

Route 66 #1
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Route 66 Kids Picks - #7 Funks Grove Maple Sirup

A Kids Opinion - James 9 Years Old

"We where driving down Route 66 near the big highway after leaving a big town. My dad turned into a driveway that bought us to a farm and we parked in front of the house. I thought we where stopping to see someone. Then my parents got out of the car and went into a little building that was actually a store. The store had a bunch of Route 66 stuff, and books, and candy, and pancake mix and Sirup. What I really liked was learning about where the Sirup came from, I hope see it happen up close some day. That and the Sirup is the best I ever had."

No we aren't misspelling it Sirup is how the syrup from Funks Grove is spelled. Actually a unique branding strategy before the term "branding strategy" was even coined. Funks Grove  is as James said a farm that can easily be mistaken for being a private farm rather then a business, yet it is a great business. The syrup or sirup producing farm and town of Funks Grove pre-date Route 66 by some time, dating to the 1850's.

Although Funks Grove may not prove to be as fun as some of the the other kids picks, it is still a selection that most kids walk away from with a memory. Many kids like learning as James did where maple syrup or sirup comes from, and most are shocked to find it doesn't come from Aunt Jamima out of a factory, but from trees. Of course kids also love the fact that they can enjoy the Sirup, and other items available in the shop made right there on the farm. Trust me once you buy a bottle of Sirup you kid(s) wont stop pestering you till you make pancakes or waffles to put the Sirup on. 

As parents though here are a few other benefits to stopping at Funks Grove like;

Agri-tourism - Going where the product made and buying direct, while supporting the farmer(s) directly, and understanding how the product is made

Gourmet Tourism - buying the real thing, without preservatives, and from the maker directly. 

No matter what way you view it Funks Grove is a great little adventure on 66, and worth a stop.

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