Route 66 #1

Route 66 #1
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Vintage Trailers on Route 66

Route 66 is, and forever will be associated with vintage automobiles. But there are times when we truly forget about the other types of transportation that once you should travel the route. By this I mean semi trucks and also Classic RVs and travel trailers.

When we think about the 1950s and classic travel trailers I think we often call to mind the Lucille Ball movie the Long, Long, Trailer. The movie doesn't actually take place on Route 66 or even anywhere near it outside of being in the general Los Angeles area. But there are definitely some very classic images of the 1950s and of cars and of travel trailers and just of a general way of living.

When it comes to the topic of travel trailers though we need to keep in mind that there was a wide variety of travel trailers in the 1950s just as there are now. Travel trailers back then though were definitely unique and considering the era definitely had a 50s look and feel to them. Often the travel trailers came in unique colors with unique interiors often very bright and cheerful. Not exactly what you see today in modern travel trailers which tend to be very simple looking and even uncomfortable. Travel trailers of the late 40s to early 60s came with bright blues, reds, yellows on the exteriors and interiors that had classic looking refrigerators and stoves on the inside places for cute little pieces of art, And all those special little touches indicative of the era.

Traveling the route nowadays I sincerely doubt that she will see any vintage traveler Trailers on the route with you. But don't give up hope yet. There is actually a special rendezvous that takes place every year sponsored by the Southwest Vintage Camper Association, specifically for showing off vintage trailers. 

Although this years event will take place in Canon City, Colorado the association openly serves Route 66 through the Southwest and has had rendezvous's in the past in Albuquerque. 

Check out there Facebook page for information and upcoming events.

With all the really cool motels and hotels on route 66 I think we often forget that many families used to actually camp along the route some in tents, and some in RVs or in travel trailers like those you will see on the Associations page, and elsewhere.

 There are still many places to camp along route 66 both in the traditional tent form and also in the RV form it is just a matter of looking for such places, since I would strongly suggest against sleeping in an open field as they used to in the past. You can find state parks and KOA's, as well as other private camping grounds.

No matter what your accommodations are or where you choose to stay you still have to admit spending part of your time sleeping in a vintage trailer along the route does sound intriguing. So go ahead and check out the Southwest Vintage Trailer Association if that interests you as well.


  1. This is great. My family travelled a bit of the original Route 66 and we started camping with the family in a 1962 [something] King pop-up trailer. It was merely a canvas tent off the ground and we loved it. You can see a photo of it if you look under March 18 and 23, 2010, on my Camping with Kids blog at

    By the way, I’m trying to see how to follow your blog, but can’t find the join icon. Thanks so much for following my Camping with Kids blog. I’ll stop by your blog again.

  2. Thanks for your response and sharing your story. With all of Route 66's unique motels and hotels camping along the old route which was probably far more common with families gets forgotten about. Also thank you for your own cool blog as well! You can follow my blog via the bottom of my page. :-)