Route 66 #1

Route 66 #1
Route 66 Museum

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Helpful Websites: #1-

Researching a trip down Route 66 can lead you to a lot of websites, some helpful, some not. You will come across sites that chronicle trips, talk about landmarks, advertise hotels and so on. Each gives you a piece of the trip, but what if there is a website that let you virtually take the trip with video footage, photos and great narratives. 

That's what is all about. Creator, traveler, and website owner Daniel Woodrum has created probably the internets most unique travel website. Woodrum not only travels Route 66, but all over the nation. Using a dashboard camera and awesome narratives, Woodrum allows us to ride in his passenger seat and take his trip with him. 

Woodrum posts the trips in bit size portions, with the video time lapsed, and/or photos and commentary. Meaning a potential traveler can view an entire trip in a matter of minutes, and take away some great notes on his or her destination. 

Woodrum's coverage of 66 will take you from St. Louis to Santa Fe, NM. Woodrum separated out the Chicago, Arizona and California portions for other trips he made, but rest assured he covers it all. 

So if you want to get an idea about where your traveling or what you going to see, or you just want to take some time to dream about traveling I would suggest visiting his website.

It can be found at:

Also here is the link to the sections pertaining to Route 66:

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