Route 66 #1

Route 66 #1
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Route 66 Kids Picks #4 – Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, TX

A Kids Opinion – James 9 Years Old
“I saw cars sticking out of the ground and it made me think of the mountains in the movie Cars. It looked like they where painted like a rainbow, then we got up close and they where all painted with bright colors and had words painted on them. I could see it was the back of cars, and they even had the tires on them, and you could even spin them. My Mom and Dad, let me paint the cars on a few spots too, I put my initials. There where cows there too, mooing at us that was funny. I didn’t think it would be fun, but it was and it was really cool”
Speaking relatively the Cadillac Ranch is on the Western outskirts of Amarillo about 3 miles out, but that changes as Amarillo expands and the “sculpture” moves out of its path as it has before. The ranch consist of 10 1949-1963 Cadillac’s with the front ends buried in the ground so the fins (back ends) face out on an angle. Every year the Cadillac’s are spray painted black so to act as a clean slate for another year of artistic, and tourist markings. The Cadillac’s have even been painted pink in October for Breast Cancer Awareness month on occasion as well.
The Ranch is located on the south side of I-40, which through many parts of Texas, is old 66. It sits out in the middle of a pasture, and as James says cows are sometimes there but they keep there distance, beware of cow pies though. Get off at exit 60 to access the Cadillac Ranch, and park beside the frontage road. Just enter the gate and walk a little ways beyond and your there. To heighten the experience though you may want to pick up some spray paint, don’t worry there is a Home Depot a little East of here that can hook you up and they are use to helping us crazy tourist go mark up the “Caddies”
Sorry there is no website for the Cadillac Ranch, but its pretty much always wide open to visit. Below is the website for Amarillo’s Visitors Bureau, which may help you plan your trip to Cadillac Ranch. 
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