Route 66 #1

Route 66 #1
Route 66 Museum

Friday, June 28, 2013

Travelers Retrospective #5: June 28, 2013 Part 2

Barstow is another larger town with 66 as its main drag. After the desolation of some of the towns we just passed through Barstow seemed like a nice change of scenery. But we have been to Barstow before and didn't feel the need to stop. So on to Victorville. 

On the way to Victorville we passed through more classic 66 spots like Helendale. Victorville is another larger town, and is home to the California Route 66 Museum. Unluckily for us we got there too early and didn't have time to wait. So it was on to the Cajon Pass.

The Cajon Pass was in 66's prime a deadly stretch of highway. Steep grades and curving roads. But at the top of the pass is the Summit Inn. We stopped here for lunch, this place is another 66 classic. After here it was on to San Bernardino and the start of LA and its suburbs.

At San Bernardino Route 66 becomes suburban highway and thoroughfare all the way to Santa Monica. A very long and frustrating trip, that takes several hours. One of the first sites we saw was the Wigwam Motel at Rialto, which at that time was being restored. After that it was lots of modern suburban sprawl. Until Pasadena when the terrain changes a bit and Pasadena stands out against other cities in its beauty. Just outside Pasadena 66 joins Colorado Boulevard, as in the "Little Old Lady from Pasadena", and to Parade of Roses.  

After Pasadena we passed through some places we have defiantly heard of like West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles, and drove on such famous streets like Sunset, and Santa Monica Boulevards all on and part of 66. 

Finally Ocean Avenue to our stay at the Georgian Hotel, and dinner on Santa Monica Pier.

Another long day but looking out at the ocean and raising a glass to Route 66 made it all worth it. 

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