Route 66 #1

Route 66 #1
Route 66 Museum

Friday, June 7, 2013

Route 66 - Redux

I developed this site for a few specific reasons:
 1) To encourage travel on Route 66, and other scenic byways in the US.
 2) To be the voice of a younger generation of travelers on Historic 66.
 3) To help you wade through the hype and misconceptions about Route 66, that the older generations have left us all with.

 You see like you I am lured in by the myths and nostalgia about Route 66. And why not? It is 2000 miles of early to mid-20th century history, that you and those traveling with you can eat, sleep, and breath for as long as you travel the route. With a little imagination mixed with reality and common sense it's not hard to imagine what was on almost every inch of it. At the same time though I am a realist and in my late Gen X early Gen Y brain, I have to greet the past and all it has to offer a bit cynically. I have to embrace the reality that Route 66 met its demise for a reason, and that it's history wasn't all trips to Disneyland and California beaches. The reality and the fantasy of 66 are both out there like any trip to a historical place it's about separating the two, while simaltaneously embracing both. This Blog is dedicated to that, and to a new perception of Route 66, and it's meaning in our culture.

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