Route 66 #1

Route 66 #1
Route 66 Museum

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Travelers Retrospective #2: June 25, 2013

Eight years ago today we left Shamrock, TX. Our first stop was in Shamrock itself with the famous U-Drop Inn. This iconic gas station and diner is no longer in business but does serve as a visitors center for Shamrock. If the building looks oddly familiar it was the model for Ramon's House of Body Art in Pixar's Cars. 

The Texas Panhandle is actually rich with Route 66 landmarks and famous sites. One of the coolest places is McLean, TX. Here we saw the Devils Rope (barb wire) Museum, as well as got a good look at what a true Route 66 town looked like back in the day, and some great photos. Also the famous leaning water tower of Britten is nearby.

We also saw the forgotten town of Conway, TX a town almost dedicated to serving 66 travelers but now long forgotten.  We also saw the famous Jericho Gap, the giant cross at Groom, and dined on steak at the Big Texan, and watched some unlucky guy try to win their  72 oz, steak challenge. 

By the afternoon we saw the Cadillac Ranch (also got awesome photos there), and ate Ugly Crust Pie and the Midland Cafe, in Adrian, TX. Adrian is also the geographic middle of Route 66 between Chicago and Santa Monica. There are also many other cool sites to see on small towns before leaving Texas. 

We passed Mile Marker 0 at Glenrio TX/NM, and then made our way to Tucumcari. At Tucumcari we stopped to see ans thought about staying at the worl famous Blue Swallow Motel. But at that time in 2005 the motel was closed and between owners. So we only stayed to take pictures, and made our way accross the street to another Route 66 icon Tepee Curios to do a little Kachina hunting and get the scoop on the Blue Swallow. We then made our way West and spent that night in the old 66 town of Santa Rosa, NM.

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